50 New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Improve Your Life

50 New Year's Resolution Ideas

I can’t believe it but it’s true – 2020 is almost here!

Are you setting any big goals this year?

If you want to make some changes but aren’t sure where to start, here’s a list of New Year’s resolution ideas.

With 50 ideas pertaining to all aspects of life, you’re sure to find some inspiration to chase your dreams and reach your goals in this New Year’s resolution list!

Leave me a comment at the end and let me know if you decide to try any of them.

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas

1. Make a self-care box

Self-care is the most important thing you can do for yourself – and those around you! A prepared DIY self-care box for anxiety can really come in handy, especially during the hectic holidays.

2. Make exercise a habit

3. Travel to one of your bucket-list destinations

4. Be more mindful

Mindfulness is an essential component of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. There are plenty of easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life in the new year which makes this one of the best New Year's resolution ideas.

5. Drink more water

6. Breathe better

7. Social media detox

Technology is a significant source of stress in our modern lives – especially when it comes to social media, the perfect breeding ground for insecurity. Consider doing a digital detox or setting certain times that you will stay off social media.

8. Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about

9. Wake up earlier

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

10. Adopt a pet

There are so many health benefits to having a pet, including decreased blood pressure, reduced physical pain, decreased feelings of depression, and lowered cortisol levels. Consider adopting a pet from your local shelter this year– there are so many sweet animals who need homes!

11. Watch less TV

12. Floss more

13. Do more brain dumps

Dumping all the contents of your overwhelmed mind onto a piece of paper can be so cathartic. This year, do a brain dump more often to increase your productivity and reduce stress and anxiety.

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14. Quit smoking

15. No soda

16. Be more self-confident

Confidence is a skill that can be learned and improved – and some psychology experts believe that self-efficacy is the most powerful predictor of success. So, this New Year’s resolution idea involves gaining mastery experiences, developing emotional control, and other confidence-boosting strategies.

17. No cursing

18. Improve vocabulary (I signed up for the Merriam Webster word of the day and I absolutely love it!)

19. Be more resilient

Your stress levels depend heavily on your ability to adapt and thrive amidst change. Fortunately, resilience (like confidence) is a skill that can be trained and strengthened.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

20. Eat an anti-anxiety diet

The food you eat – or don’t eat – can make your anxiety worse. So, this New Year’s resolution idea involves incorporating some more anti-anxiety foods into your diet to improve your mood.

21. Do more acts of kindness

22. Organize your house

23. Keep a gratitude journal

There are so many benefits to expressing gratitude, including that it promotes lasting happiness. Try incorporating some gratitude journal prompts and activities into your daily routine this year.

24. Create a will

25. Take the stairs

26. Conquer your limiting beliefs

Your belief system is the foundation upon which all your thoughts and actions are built. If you have self-limiting beliefs, they could be holding you back from achieving what you want in life. Transforming your limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs is one of the most life-changing New Year’s resolution ideas you can implement!

27. Park far away from the entrance

28. No alcohol

29. Define success for yourself

Don’t let anyone define success for you – develop your own definition of success. This year, make it a priority to set and achieve intrinsic goals that will make you happy.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

30. Get to know yourself better

How well do you really know yourself? Being aware of your core values, strengths, and innermost desires can help you to improve your life. Here are 71 insightful questions to help you get started on this New Year's resolution idea.

31. Practice yoga

32. Spend more time in nature

33. Be more creative

Creativity ranks third on the list of the top 10 skills employers want in 2020. Being creative helps you with things like problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and social skills. So, this is one of theNew Year’s resolution ideas that has the potential to improve pretty much all aspects of your life.

34. Eat less sugar and gluten

35. Complain less

36. Improve your time management skills

If you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed, you may want to brush up on your time management skills. Here are some strategies for getting more done in less time so you can finally relax and enjoy your life!

37. Improve your communication skills

Being able to communicate effectively helps us to establish relationships, be good at our jobs, and enjoy better physical and mental health. Here’s how to communicate effectively under pressure.

38. Stick to your budget

39. Meditate more

40. Toss out your microwave

Microwaving your food not only strips the nutrients out, but it also has many negative health effects. I don’t own a microwave – I cook all my foods on the stovetop or in the oven. And I think microwaves are one of the things you should avoid for a happier and healthier life.

41. Read more books

42. Grow your own vegetables

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

43. Simplify your life

Trying to juggle your job, your family, your side hustle, and your endless to-do list can be exhausting! Simplify your life to achieve more balance and peace in the new year.

44. Learn a new language

45. Get more sleep

46. Quit your job

If your soul-sucking job is making you miserable, consider this brave New Year’s resolution idea – quit your job. Work stress can be absolutely unbearable and you owe it to yourself to get out if you have any of these warning signs.

47. Start a blog

Whether you have social anxiety, you’re an introvert, you want to work from home, you love teaching people, or you have a message to spread to the world, you may want to consider starting a blog this year! You don’t need any special experience, education or connections to get started – take this quiz to see what kind of blog you should start

48. Open a savings account

49. Write a book

50. Create a stress management plan

Of all the New Year’s resolution ideas, this one may truly be the most life-changing.        In today’s modern world, we are under constant pressure to do more, better, faster. So, if you find yourself feeling stressed out and overwhelmed all the time, consider creating a stress management plan.

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Over to you ... which New Year's resolution idea will you try? Leave a comment!

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