This is your life - live it by design, not by default.

Hi! I'm Kalli, lawyer turned freelance writer, blogger, and coach.

The recipe for success was given to me (and many other Millennials) at an early age:

Go to College + Work Hard = Be Whatever You Want to Be!

Ever the optimistic go-getter, I followed that recipe to the T. 

I went to college. I went to law school and passed the Bar exam. I even got a Masters' degree (LL.M.) in Public International Law while living abroad in The Hague. 

The problem is that by the time I finished collecting all the "ingredients", the recipe had changed. 

I had built my life around well-intentioned but ultimately obsolete pre-digitial age advice.

In today's corporate America, what you know is way less important than who you know.

Hard work and determination don't automatically equal success. 

A college degree (or even an advanced degree) does not guarantee a good job.

And having a "good job" by society's standards does not necessarily equal happiness.

After struggling for years with anxiety and depression, I finally did some soul searching, faced my fears, and pursued my own definition of success. 

Now, I'm a personal development blogger and the founder of I am constantly learning and growing on my spiritual journey -- and I want to share my insights with you!

On this blog, I help ambitious introverts and highly sensitive people cultivate the knowledge & skills they need to thrive in this dynamic and increasingly stressful world.

Are you ready to achieve your definition of success?!

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