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What's ​​​​Your Definition of Success?

Hi! I'm Kalli, a former lawyer who broke free from the corporate rat race and found inner peace. Now, I'm a personal development blogger & coach who helps ambitious introverts and highly sensitive people succeed on their own terms in this modern, fast-paced (and increasingly stressful) world.

I'm here to help you achieve your definition of success -
without all the stress & anxiety.

Here are the types of articles you will find on the 3D Success blog:

success & Personal development

Topics include:

-3D formula for success
-time management/productivity
-how to create a life you love
how to get more done in less time
life lessons I learned in law school
-turning your passion into profit
-top 10 goal setting mistakes
-habits of highly successful people

-inspirational life quotes
-cultivating creativity

-everyday mindfulness

Conquer fear & develop confidence

Topics include:

-confidence building tips

-defeating limiting beliefs
-turning your passion into a paycheck
-how to turn fear into fuel for success
get to know yourself (71 questions)
-conquer the fear of starting your own business/being an entrepreneur
-overcoming crippling self-doubt

reduce stress & Anxiety

Topics include:

-reduce stress & anxiety naturally
-​best/worst foods for anxiety

-work stress/ stressful jobs
use anxiety to your advantage
-TED talks for anxiety
- digital/social media detox
tips to avoid overwhelm- brain dump
-habits that make anxiety worse
-common causes of overwhelm
self care for introvert/HSP/empath
how to build resilience

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