Why Do Bloggers Need Email Lists?

Why Do Bloggers Need Email Lists?

Reasons Every Blogger Needs an Email List Pin

All bloggers need email lists.

Maybe you've heard this advice before but wondered, why is it so important to have an email list?

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner blogger or you've been blogging for over a decade - "the money is in the list", as they say. 

I currently have 1,809 email subscribers -and my list is growing every day! I owe my success with building an email list to certain marketing strategies.

In this post, I will discuss those strategies as well as explain why bloggers need email lists, no matter what their blogging goals are. 

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What is an Email List?

An email list is a collection of emails that bloggers accumulate through their blog or website.

Subscribers sign up to be on the email list based on their interest in a particular topic and desire to receive future messages regarding that topic.

Email lists are typically used for marketing purposes. But you can also use them to send newsletters to your subscribers, notify them of new blog posts, and ask questions to gain insight into your audience.

Why Do You Need an Email List?

Security & Reach

One of the main reasons bloggers need email lists has to do with security and reach.

You own your email list.

You do not own the social media platforms you post on; therefore, you are at the whim and will of that provider.

Algorithm changes are common for Google, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. So, the reach you have now may not be the reach you have in the future.

And there are no guarantees that the platform will even be there tomorrow (remember MySpace, Google+, and Vine?!)

But you will always have your email list.

Having an email list also gives you a way to reach your entire audience. Unlike social media platforms, which only show your content to a small percentage of your followers.

Build a Loyal Fan Base

Also, bloggers need email lists because it gives them the opportunity to build a loyal fan base by sending personalized messages to their subscribers.

Personalization is extremely important when it comes to marketing, especially with email lists.

According to Constant Contact, “personalized email campaigns receive 29% higher email open rates and 41% higher click-through rates than ordinary emails”.

People don’t give their email addresses to just anyone. So, when you send an email, you are also dealing with a lot less noise and competition than when you post on social media.

How to Build Your Email List

First of all, to grow your email list, you’ve got to have a way for people to sign up.

You should have a sign up form on your homepage and all your blog posts. Make it visible and easy.

Create a dedicated landing page just for email sign-ups. Use widgets to place your sign ups on the top or side of your blog.

I recommend offering an incentive for signing up – exclusive content, a cheat sheet, a PDF, etc.

If you have more than a couple content upgrades, consider making a gated page where subscribers can access them all at once.

It’s easy to make a password protected page in WordPress. Then, only those who sign up for your email list and get the password will have access to this special, gated content.

(In WordPress, go to Edit Page. Then, on the right side under Publish, change Visibility: Public to Password Protected by clicking Edit and creating a password for the page.)

I made a Freebie Library to house all my PDFs and free content. 

Sign up for exclusive access to the Freebie Library (a regularly updated collection of free downloadable content) and updates from the blog. 👇

What Can You Do with Your Email List?

So, now that you’re getting all those subscribers and your email list is growing, what are you going to do with it?

As a blogger, there are so many things you can do with your email list! For example:

  • Notify readers of new posts, resulting in more traffic to your blog posts and more shares on social media
  • Send out a newsletter
  • Give subscribers extra content/bonus freebies
  • Schedule emails to go out at pre-determined times. This means you can send emails to your subscribers at times when they are most likely to open and engage with your content
  • Get to know your readers on a deeper level and ascertain what type of content they want so you can cater to your audience better in the future
  • Sell affiliate products or your own products. Email marketing consistently outperforms social media marketing in terms of total users, conversion rate, open, click-through, and engagement rate
  • Grow your business. The Direct Marketing Association reports that mail marketing delivers a $38 return-on-investment for every $1 spent

Which Email Marketing Provider Should You Use?

Which email marketing provider you should use depends on what stage you’re at as a blogger and how comfortable you are with email marketing.

If you are in the beginning stages of blogging (1 year or less) or you’ve never built an email list before, I recommend trying before buying to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Constant Contact is a popular choice among bloggers – and for good reason! Here are some of the benefits of Constant Contact email marketing.

Constant Contact Benefits

First of all, Constant Contact is currently offering a 60 day free trial.

No credit card required.

So, you really can’t go wrong with this choice –if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it ... and you don’t have to pay for it!

Simply try out all its features for 60 days and see if it's a good fit for you and your blog/business.

You've got nothing to lose and a whole lot of email subscribers to gain!

Try it free now by clicking on the banner. -->

Easy to Use

The standout feature of Constant Contact is its simplicity.

Some other companies offer more features that can just make everything unnecessarily complicated and difficult to use. Especially for beginner bloggers or those unfamiliar with email marketing.

If you have contacts that you would like to import, Constant Contact makes it easy with integrations for Shopify, Woo Commerce, Office 365, and Google.

Email and Sign Up Form Templates 

Constant Contact offers professional, modern email templates that can be customized with your brand logo and colors.

They also have different sign-up forms to choose from: pop-up, inline, Facebook lead ads, and even customizable Lead Generation Landing Pages.

List Management

Constant Contact allows you to segment your email subscribers according to their interests. That way, you can send personal, targeted messages to your audience and not bother them with stuff they don’t want to hear about.

You can also set up an automated welcome email for new subscribers that way every time someone signs up for your email list, they will automatically get a warm welcome from you.

List-Building Tools

Constant Contact provides list building tools such as tracking, which allows you to get feedback on how your subscribers engaged with your emails. For example, it will tell you the open, click, bounce, and unsubscribe rate for each email.

Their SEO reporting tools will help you improve your site’s traffic, visibility, and Google rankings. They track your performance on things like keyword rankings, site loading time, content mix, social activity, and usability on mobile devices.

And Analytics will give you answers to questions like, which subscribers are reading your emails and clicking through to your website? Are they on desktop or mobile?

This is priceless information for those who are looking to grow their blog.

Customer Support 

Constant Contact doesn’t just give you the tools you need to grow your email list, they also help you to use those tools properly.

It’s always such a huge relief to me when a company provides good customer support. Constant Contact has video tutorials as well as marketing advisors who are ready to help you on the phone or online.

Ready to grow your blog with email marketing?

Take advantage of Constant Contact's free trial (while it lasts) by clicking on the banner below! 

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Why All Bloggers Need Email Lists Pin

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